Sunbeam is so excited to partner with Minoli De Silva this holiday season.

Minoli De Silva is a passionate cook that brings a vibrant energy both on and off the screen, most recently won the hearts of a national and international audience with her delightful personality, endearing mannerisms and flavour packed food on MasterChef Australia Season 13. Minoli made it to the top 10, wowing the judges and world class chefs with her perfectly harmonised flavours.

The foundation of Minoli’s cooking stems from her Sri Lankan heritage, from cooking alongside her mum from early childhood and being taught that she could incorporate absolutely any ingredient into a delicious meal. No food was put to waste in their household.

Minoli’s strength and resilience can be seen clearly through her battle with breast cancer from the age of 31. She lost her sense of taste during chemotherapy treatment, but found when she regained it over a year later, that it had become heightened ‘like a superpower’.

Minoli describes her sense of taste now as her guide to understanding the nuances of food and flavours.

Minoli is an avid traveller, with an infectious passion for learning about all cultures and cuisines. You can easily find her sparking up conversations with market stall holders, curiously asking about their offerings. She loves the diversity of Australia’s multicultural population and learning about the different heritages and cuisines within Australia. Minoli believes ‘you can learn a lot about someone by trying their culture’s cuisine’, and finds that the world of food allows her to express herself in a way that nothing else can.  

Minoli doesn’t discriminate between “cheap” meals and expensive meals, when it comes to food, it is all about ‘taste, taste, taste’. One day, she hopes to popularise Sri-Lankan food and help to make it a mainstream cuisine. She believes she can teach any person how to make delicious Sri-Lankan food in the comfort of their own home… well, she’ll help others master Sri-Lankan food first, and then more.

Minoli has a degree in chemical engineering, and is a certified Project Director with AIPM, but now is taking a big leap towards her desire for a life and career around food. She is driven, vivacious, has grit, and believes that ‘authenticity is the key to living a happier life’.

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