Mini Caramel Slice Bites

 COOK: 1 HR  | SERVES: 15

What you’ll need…


1 Cup Self Raising Flour

1 Cup Brown Sugar (lightly packed)

1/2 Cup Coconut

1/2 Cup SUNBEAM Almonds

1/4 Cup SUNBEAM Walnuts

125g Butter


– 440g Condensed Milk

– 2 tbsp Golden Syrup

– 30g Butter

Chocolate Icing:

– 125g Dark Chocolate (chopped)

– 125g Cream


  1. Sift flour into bowl + sugar & coconut stir till combined

  2. Melt butter in pan, add dry ingredients, mixed well

  3. Press base mix into mini patty cake/muffin lined tin

  4. Bake in moderate oven 10 min, then remove

  5. Add prepared caramel evenly to each bite

  6. Return to oven for further 10 min, then remove

  7. When cold, add the chocolate topping evenly to each bite & set in fridge

  8. Peel liners off to serve/eat

Caramel – Stir all ingredients in saucepan over low heat until caramel has thickened, bring to boil, remove from heat

Chocolate Icing – Heat chocolate and cream in saucepan over low heat.