Baking Tips

Cooking with kids

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Children just love measuring, sifting and mixing cake ingredients, and apparently they’re quite keen on a little bowl licking too. Here are some tips for getting them away from the TV and in to the kitchen for some quality time together:

  • You’re never to young to start enjoying the delights of baking but don’t be surprised to see the flour flying if your kitchen assistant is a toddler!
  • If they are old enough, put the kids in charge of recipe selection. There’s nothing like a bit of ownership to keep them interested.
  • They’ll find heaps of ideas on our recipe pages and a bit of time on the PC is sure to appeal to them.
  • It’s a good idea to run through some basic safety rules before you start, particularly where ovens and hot cake tins are involved.
  • Suggest that a good way to do things is to organise their equipment and measure ingredients before any mixing is started.
  • Teach them one technique at a time and let them make their own mistakes (within reason!).
  • Introduce the principle that while the goodies are baking is a good time to clear up the mess they’ve just made.

Above all enjoy yourselves, and don’t get too stressed if their work isn’t quite up to your usual standards. Happy baking together!